Now you can earn cryptocurrency by listening to music in MonkingMe

Yesterday we made public our integration with Kin, the leading digital currency for digital applications.

Kin is money for the digital world. It is used to generate value through a shared, decentralized cryptocurrency in a digital ecosystem of apps and their users. Nearly 6 million people are holding the Kin token, with half of a million spending Kin every month. There are currently more than forty apps in the Kin ecosystem, where users can spend the token.

After the first launch for our Android users, and after analyzing the first user reactions, yesterday we made the global launch including the iOS app in which we have more than 80% of our users.

How can you earn Kin?

From now on, you can earn Kin with each play and reward the artists you listen to. To do this you only have to choose to opt-in the artist rewards program and 25% of your Kin will automatically be distributed among the artists you have listened to. The rest will be stored in a virtual wallet that you can use in any of the more than forty applications of the Kin ecosystem.

What’s new?

With the integration, we give all our users the chance to win cryptocurrency and support their favorite artists directly. Kin is automatically won by listening to music, and that makes us the first platform in the world where you can get cryptocurrencies for listening to music.

Our mission has always been to contribute to the creation of fair and transparent music industry. Our CEO, Miquel Tolosa, summed it up as follows: «We strongly believe in the value of offering the option to earn cryptocurrencies in a complementary way to regular payments in euros. It is an initiative that, in addition to contributing very positively to our mission as a company, is at the forefront of technological advances in the sector. »

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