New Feature: Artist subs

Introducing Artist subscriptions

Every artist out there has its own way to engage with fans, in the same way, every music lover wants to feel more attached to its favorite musicians. That’s why today we’re officially launching a new feature that will indeed reinforce the fan-to-artist relation.

“MonkingMe Artist Subs” is a direct fan-to-artist feature that enables subscription for every artist profile in the platform. That will give the tools to every artist to shape a specific space for close fans, offering them another level of proximity.

Fans, on the other side, will not only have access to all music to listen and download without interruptions but also, will get an enhanced experience since they will have access to exclusive content and unreleased tracks.

Fans will definitely feel closer to the artists they admire.

The best of it?

It’s free! An artist subscription will cost a thousand Bananas a month, although as you already know, they are earned by interacting with ads, so they won’t cost any money to the subscriber. On the other side, revenue generated by the ads will be shared with the artists, labels, and publishers involved in the creation process.

Felip Costa, Acquisition Director, states that this is how MonkingMe “tries to conform a distribution model that compensates more fairly everyone involved in the creative process” and considers it “a good progress” in terms of bringing closer the fan to the artist.

Artists interested in offering their fans a more engaging experience can contact the subscription program team and start offering exclusive content right away.