In a dynamic society like the one we live in today, full of constant changes and crowded with musical productions that escape our reach. With a scenery in which the music industry has turned into some kind of circus lead by the big labels, we believe there is a great need to provide the people who offer us their talent in the shape of music lyrics of every kind and genre with the importance they deserve.
We believe in ARTISTS and their music, and we want to prove it.

From our point of view, is doesn’t matter what kind of resources there are to create music. We believe that every artist who chooses to create for us, for society, deserves an opportunity to be heard, and that we are in a constant debt with them, which is why we want to put all our means and efforts into helping them grow. We are convinced that this is must be our primary goal and motivation within MonkingMe.

Artists come first.

It is our moral duty to put an end to piracy, that which has been harming the music industry for years, and we plan on doing it by working very hard in favor of the artists since, in the end, they are the ones who make us laugh, cry, dance and FEEL that we are still alive.

We believe in a different future for the musical market, in which artists don’t feel deceived, and we will fight until we achieve this future, step by step, convincing everyone with our work model and our maximum involvement.

At MonkingMe, we give it all for the artists.
Long live the music!

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