MonkingMe iOS App

MonkingMe has been working hard these past few days to present ENTHUSASTIC news today, so as to make this weekend even more pleasant.
We are delighted to present our iOS App, available on Apple Store platform. We were conscious of the lack of the iOS App and for that reason we have been working ceaselessly. The outcome is amazing.

One of the main benefits, is the fact that you can upload your own Music List from your PC, through a private extent, on MonkingMe cloud. This is awesome, right? But this is not all we offer to our Monkeys. You will also be able to synchronize this PC list with your iPhone. Astonishing, right? Therewith, we do not have any doubts that you will be installing the APP in the twinkling of an eye.

As the Android App does, the iOS App will enable the users to buy tickets for their preferred concerts, as well as they will be allowed to buy merchandising of their favourite artists. Furthermore, the iOS App will also contribute to the business model behind the platform: sharing the content for free while helping the artist to grow their income.

You were expecting that and we knew it! Enjoy it 😉