Mother’s Day

Today, May the 7th, Mother’s Day, MonkingMe wants to praise her role and her continuous dedication to everything that surrounds her. Therefore, we would not like a Mother’s day, but an entire Mother’s life.

The frenetic pace they follow characterizes them, but it is her love and appreciation which makes them unique. Suddenly, we grow, mature and realize the importance and the need to have her next to us, to know that she will be there when we really feel lost and overwhelmed in any hidden corner of our society, which we think to have it under control. But we are wrong, we can not have the things under control and even less the society of the 21st century. Neither we nor our mothers. Despite this fact of uncertainty, they can make us believe that everything is controlled and that each of the wounds marked on our skin, as a symbol of victory, are on guarded.

There is no perfect mother, neither a perfect child. However, the mother-child relationship is the most tender and strong one that the nature has ever created.

We should be more grateful for what we have, but above all, who we have by our side.

There is only one mother. Make her feel special. She deserves it.