What is MonkingMe?

Throughout these last months, we have met a lot of new people, from the music industry, and from the entrepreneurial sector, and they all always asked us the same question: What exactly is MonkingMe?

MonkingMe is the alternative. For those emerging artists who want to start their musical career, it is a new door that opens to share their creations without having to mediate with record labels and content distributors, directly, simply, and remunerated. For the most established artists and bands, MonkingMe is a new option to distribute their content, with a mentality more typical of the 21st century than in the past.

The Internet has changed everything, from our habits and customs, to most business sectors, and the music industry has not been the exception. The digitalization of musical content has allowed the appearance of piracy, and with it, the concern of a whole sector on how to fight or delete it, and our conclusion is that it is impossible. If people want to find something for free on the Internet, they will find a way to get it, so why not offer it to them, and think about how the creators of that content can benefit from it? And from this question comes MonkingMe, where the idea is not to fight piracy, but to make it completely unnecessary.

MonkingMe is a free music streaming platform for everyone, where artists generate income thanks to streams (listening to the songs) and thanks to paid free downloads. With these free downloads, users can enjoy their content offline, anywhere and without wasting mobile data; and the artists earn money thanks to the appearance of an advertisement before the download. But in MonkingMe we are aware that, nowadays, very few artists can live only with the income generated by digital content, so we have unified everything that generates benefits for the artist within the same platform: Music, merchandising and sale of tickets for concerts (coming soon).

Thanks to our partners, we can offer a service of design, production, sale and distribution of merchandising, allowing artists to not worry about any of these points. Other advantages for artists are the self-management of their content, with the possibility of editing it at any time without the need for intermediaries; and the self-management of their income, being able to control in almost real time the generated benefits, and deciding whether to withdraw those profits or re-invest them in promoting their content.

We understand that, today more than ever, the music business is not only music, and that is why we offer artists a set of possibilities to generate income and visibility, unified in a single space and with the possibility of being completely autonomous if they want it We want to help raise the voice of those who want to gain a place in the industry, and also offer a legal alternative to all those artists who suffer the hacking of their content on the Internet. We want to promote a more fair and ethical model for all, adapting to present times and anticipating the future. So the next time they ask us, what exactly is MonkingMe? We will be proud to say that we want to be the Music Revolution.

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