MonkingMe reaches 1 Million downloads

MonkingMe reaches 1 Million downloads

In just a year, the music streaming platform has quadrupled its downloads and tripled its monthly active users, standing in the top positions on the App Store in its category

April 25, Barcelona – MonkingMe the music app that let users legally download and stream music for free, has reached 1,000,000 downloads on iOS and over 800,000 on Android and consolidates itself as one of the top free apps on the App Store.

With this new achievement, the star-up based in Barcelona, prepares for a new stage with three main goals: expand its catalog, tighten relations with new record labels and rise enough funding to face another year of great achievements. 

Much more than a music app

MonkingMe was established in 2014 with the revolutionary dream to not ban piracy but make it unnecessary. Since then, thousands of artists and many record labels (both, national and international) have partnered with MonkingMe. That is because besides offering free music, it has become an excellent tool for artists’ promotion since it allows them to earn additional money derived from their music. 

A pioneer model

One of the key points to the success of the app lies in its own virtual currency called “Bananas” which turn MonkingMe into the first platform in the music sector to incorporate gamification in its business model. “Bananas” are used for skipping ads and they can be earned easily by seeing ads, answering to AdQuizzes and collecting daily rewards. 

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Raul Martínez, co-fundador

What is MonkingMe?

Throughout these last months, we have met a lot of new people, from the music industry, and from the entrepreneurial sector, and they all always asked us the same question: What exactly is MonkingMe?

MonkingMe is the alternative. For those emerging artists who want to start their musical career, it is a new door that opens to share their creations without having to mediate with record labels and content distributors, directly, simply, and remunerated. For the most established artists and bands, MonkingMe is a new option to distribute their content, with a mentality more typical of the 21st century than in the past. Read More



In a dynamic society like the one we live in today, full of constant changes and crowded with musical productions that escape our reach. With a scenery in which the music industry has turned into some kind of circus lead by the big labels, we believe there is a great need to provide the people who offer us their talent in the shape of music lyrics of every kind and genre with the importance they deserve.
We believe in ARTISTS and their music, and we want to prove it.

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